NCNSFPE Golf Tournament and Fundraiser

The Nevada Chapter of the Society of Fire Protection Engineers had a fantastic Golf Tournament on Wednesday, May 20th at Tilden Park Golf Club. It was a hazy day as expected, but the temperatures were fair and the sun eventually came out for a minute around the 18th hole.

I had the honor of playing with Tom DeMasi and Ron Mahlman with Jensen Hughes, and Dave Kokosenski from Lubrizol. We all brought our A-game, and each of us hit some great shots on our way to a not-so-stellar +5 over, but we all raised money for the charity and had some great conversations about the status of fire protection, where we can help more, and shared experiences from past projects from which we could all benefit. It’s what really makes the NCNSFPE fellowship so beneficial to our respective trades: the ability to drop all our corporate pretenses and focus on advancing the profession.

Thank you to everyone who attended, and we are looking forward to another great tournament next year!

Please see below for a list of the winner’s groups and those that donated to sponsor holes or gifts for the raffle.

Winner’s Groups

1st:          Pyro-Comm Systems, Inc.

Rich Neves
Kyle Schuler
Peter Townsend
Kevin Green

2nd:        Siemens

Russ Roesslein
Manny Monje
Dale McGrath
Shobo Tilbury

Hole Sponsorship:

Intrepid Electronic Systems, Inc.
Globe Fire Sprinkler Corporation
Pyro-Comm Systems, Inc.

Other Gift Sponsors:

Benjamin Moore               Gus Maseba
Jensen-Hughes                 Erel Betser, Ron Mahlman
Peak Engineering              Ronnie Thomas
Siemens                               Dale McGrath
Pyro-Comm                        Kevin Green
Lubrizol                               David Kokosenski